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OCI Chemical to Build New Plant in Alabama; Bolsters Its Presence In The Soap/Detergent Market.

OCI Chemical Corporation has announced plans to construct a new Sodium Percarbonate manufacturing plant on a 45-acre site in Decatur, Alabama. Sodium Carbonate Peroxyhydrate (commonly referred to as Sodium Percarbonate) is a crystalline peroxygen compound, used as a bleaching agent in detergents and dry bleach products. Production is planned to begin by September 1, 2001.

"As a complement to our Wyoming Soda Ash operation, this new Sodium Percarbonate facility in Decatur, Alabama, will tremendously enhance our presence in the Soap and Detergent marketplace," says Chris Fraser, OCI's CEO. "With this new North American plant -- in conjunction with our Asian plant -- OCI will be well-positioned to service global Sodium Percarbonate needs."

Sodium Percarbonate is environment-friendly, dissolving on use into the decomposed products, water, oxygen, and Sodium Carbonate (Soda Ash). Because of its high oxygen content, Sodium Percarbonate provides brightening and stain removal properties and has both industrial and domestic applications. OCI will use patented Sodium Percarbonate technology developed by its Korean parent, Oriental Chemical Industries. Oriental Chemical Industries' sodium percarbonate facility in Iksan, Korea, serves customers throughout Asia and Europe.

"I am proud to welcome OCI Chemical as Alabama's newest business partner," says Alabama Governor, Don Siegelman. "When I became Governor, I said I wouldn't just be the education Governor, I'd also be the economic development Governor. I'm pleased that OCI will contribute to the quality of Alabama families' lives by providing economic opportunity for them."

Mike Roberts, Executive Director of the North Alabama Industrial Development Association, echoes the Governor's sentiments: "We are pleased to welcome OCI Chemical to North Alabama. OCI will certainly be an asset to Decatur, to Morgan County, and to all of North Alabama. We appreciate the confidence OCI has placed on our region."

"We are delighted to be locating our new plant in the state of Alabama and, more specifically, to become a part of the greater Decatur community," OCI's Fraser adds.

OCI is a leading producer of soda ash, a major raw material used in glass production, and in the manufacture of dry detergents. The company, headquartered in Shelton, Connecticut -- with Soda Ash facilities in Green River, Wyoming -- employs 500 people with offices throughout U.S. and Europe.

OCI's parent is Oriental Chemical Industries, an integrated chemical products provider whose principal activities are the manufacture and distribution of basic, fine and petrochemicals. Oriental Chemical Industries is headquartered in Korea, with offices in Japan, Indonesia, the Philippines, China, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Turkey.

For more information from OCI, please contact Kyle Wendel by phone at (203) 225-3113, or by e-mail at For more information from the State of Alabama, please contact William H. Ingram, International Development Representative, at the Alabama Development Office, Montgomery, Alabama 36130-4106, or by phone at (334) 242-0466, or (800) 248-0033.

Reference: Shangyu Jiehua Chemical Co., Ltd (Dated on March 21,2007)

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