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calcium peroxide, magnesium peroxide
News Welcome to Shangyu Jiehua Chemical, our sodium perborate is widely used for laundry and household manfucturing and formulated into multi-purpose stain remover/oxygen bleach, also the uncoated sodium percarbonate could be used for water treatment like fish farming/shrimp farming ponds. We also developed potassium monopersulfate, KMPS, Potassium Peroxymonosulfate for swimming pool spa and pool shock, which is known as oxygen shock commonlly. Both Sodium Percarbonate and Potassium Monopersulfate belong to chlorine free or non-chlorine product which is environmental friendly, belong to peroxygen salts derived from hydrogen peroxide. Calcium Peroxide and Magnesium Peroxide is used for aerobic bioremediation, oxygen release compound, our sythesis magnesium silicate adsorbent could be used for used cooking oil treatment and biodiesel dry wash, We are manufactuer of transparent Iron Oxide (pigment, dispersion), sodium hydrosulfite, 2,4-Dinitrotoluene, DNT Visit Press Room
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potassium monopersulfate A well-known China based chemical producer with a global existence, ISO9001, ISO14001 certified. Simply your reliable world business partner!

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Potassium Monopersulfate(MPS) Compound is a NON-CHLORINE shock product used to oxidize and eliminate organic contamination in order to "ferr-up" sanitizer so that it can be used for disinfection.
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calcium peroxideQuality chemicals @ Shangyuchem! Always endeavoring to be your reliable supplier of oxygen bleaching chemicals, oxygen release chemicals, detergent raw materials, soil and groundwater biological remediation chemicals, value-added specialty chemicals, custom manufactures and contract packaging services. Shangyuchem is the world leading chemical manufacturer of sodium percarbonate, sodium perborate monohydreate, sodium perborate tetrahydrate, calcium peroxide, magnesium peroxide, potassium monopersulfate, zinc peroxide, urea hydrogen peroxide, thiourea dioxide, TAED (tetra acetyl ethylene diamine), synthetic magnesium silicate adsorbent, Transparent Iron Oxide, Sodium Hydrosulfite,, 2,4-Dinitrotoluene Please keep visiting this site for updates of our product information. 上虞洁华化工有限公司向你提供优质一水过硼酸, 四水过硼酸钠, 过碳酸钠, 过氧化钙, 过氧化镁, 过一硫酸氢钾复合盐合成硅酸镁吸附剂漂白活化剂,并且为你各种民用家用生活居家用品水产类用药, 增氧或池底改良),定制合成化工等多种服务。我司所有的产品是环保和清洁生产的代表