Sodium percarbonate, oxygen bleach
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Percarbonate News

  1. Oxygen Bleach on the Rise
  2. FMC Plans to Build 35,000 Tons per Year of Sodium Percarbonate Capacity at its Site in La Zaida, Spain
  3. Degussa to acquire Ausimont's Italian persalts and hydrogen peroxide activities
  4. Building a Better Bleach
  5. Powdered oxygen bleach products Oxiclean, Oxy-Boost, Clorox Oxygen Action, Stain Solver, Oxygen8, White Wave, Ajax, Deck and Siding Brighttener, etc. an overview
  6. Church & Dwight to Acquire Orange Glo International for $325 Million Brands Include OxiClean, Orange Glo and Kaboom Products
  7. Options increase in dry bleach sector
  8. OCI Chemical to Build New Plant in Alabama; Bolsters Its Presence In The Soap/Detergent Market.
  9. Ak-Kim is constructing first sodium percarbonate plant of Turkey.
  10. Chemidet produces sodium percarbonate for the detergent industry in Helsingborg, Sweden and generated revenues of EUR54 million in 2006 another time prove that the market in demand is increasing in Centre Europe.
  11. With the new installation being completed Aug 01,2007, Shangyu Jiehua Chemical are able to provide the top grade of coated sodium percarbonate for detergent manufacturing, under electron microscope, coating layer surrounding the core of sodium percarbonate is just good, and when we run the test of the humidity stability, the test result is excellent one. Our unique fluid bed with sprayer is controlled by a full automated computer program.
  12. Sodium Percarbonate is the latest weapon being considered to address algae outbreaks in the Torrens Lake.
  13. Oxidants Enhance Water Quality- Published by Global Aquaculture Alliance

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