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magnesium silicate, magnesol
Magnesium Silicate, oil filter powder
News Synthetic Magnesium Silicate with amorphous structure is mainly used for these applications: 1) Prolong or refresh frying cooking oil; 2) Dry wash of biodiesel; 3) to remove alkali metal catalyst residues in production process of polyether polyols or like these for systhesis of organic compound Visit Press Room

Fry Oil Filter Aid Powder (Composition: Synthetic Magnesium Silicate)

With the cooking oil become more and more expensive, how to prolong the life of cooking oil maximum especially for frying cooking oil become a problem for the degraded cooking oil, Synthetic magnesium silicate, oil filter powder, oil filter aid powder A good dissolution is that free fat acid(FFA), ester (typically like mono- and di-triglyceride, oxidized triglycerides), aldehydes, ketones etc. are polar chemicals can be removed by filtering with magnesium silicate adsorbent very well.

Synthetic magnesium silicate is approved as per recomendations of Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations/World Health Organization Joint Expert Committee on Food Additives, 61st Session, published in NFP 52, Add 11, 2003. also it is approved by The U.S. Food Chemical Codex. When used as a food additive, it is safe to ingest synthetic magnesium silicate. In 1990, the safety of synthetic magnesium silicate was reviewed by the Scientific Committee on Food (SCF) together with that of silica and the other metal alkali silicates.[10] The SCF noted that “the available data, including a number of short-term studies in two species, appear to substantiate the biological inertness of those compounds”. The SCF established a group Acceptable Daily Intake (ADI) not specified for silicon dioxide and the alkali metal silicates.

Fast food companies including McDonald's and KFC had been using oil fiter powder composed by synthetic magnesium silcate for years, it perform the task to remove the dissolved impurities that cause off-flavors and odors in used frying oil. These impurities are common known as FFA, ester (typically like mono- and di-triglyceride, oxidized triglycerides), aldehydes, ketones etc which is polar chemical can be adsorbed by amorphous structure synthetic magnesium silicate.

Our company, provide both bulk package of oil filter powder like 15kg size, and we can provide package service if it is small PE sacks.


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