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Urea Hydrogen Peroxide

Urea Hydrogen Peroxide

Urea hydrogen peroxide is an odorless, nontoxic, white crystalline powder. It is a combination of urea and hydrogen peroxide which releases hydrogen peroxide locally on application. Urea hydrogen peroxide has an active available oxygen content which is equivalent to 35% H2O2. It has a good solubility in water and have both the character of H2O2 and urea.

Technical Information
Chemical Name: Urea Hydrogen Peroxide
Synonyms: Carbamide Peroxide
Molecular Formula: CO(NH2)2.H2O2
Molecular Weight: 94.07
CAS Number: 124-43-6

Product Properties

Standard Specifications

Hydrogen Peroxide, %


Bulk Density, g/L


Thermodynamic Decomposition Temperature, C


Solubility (20C, g/l)



White crystals


25kgs in fiber drum with PE liner

Urea hydrogen peroxide is a well-known commercial product useful as bleaching agent, antiseptic and disinfectant for a wide range of applications.

Pharmaceutical; Urea hydrogen peroxide is a safe, effective and easy to use solid disinfectant, it may also be used as a solution. Compared with hydrogen peroxide and peracid, urea hydrogen peroxide offers many advantages including a more excellent sterilizability, broader disinfectant spectrum, lower concentration and free of residual poison, moreover, it is capable of restraining the growth of bacteria and leaf mold. In the treatment of cancer, urea hydrogen peroxide is used as anti-liver-ascites agent.

Cosmetics/Personal Care; Urea hydrogen peroxide is a good bleaching agent, straining agent and marcel dying neutralizer for human and animal hair cares. It is also applied treating and nourishing the scalp and hair to promote conditions for the natural growth of hair on a human head for the reversal of male pattern baldness in individual cases. Tooth paste formulated with urea hydrogen peroxide has more additional benefits over the normal formulations. These benefits include cleanup of tooth spot, elimination of bacteria, reduction of decayed tooth and other dental diseases. It functions as an antiseptic agent and deodorant neutral detergents.

Aquiculture/Agriculture/Poultry; Urea hydrogen peroxide is an oxygen release agent for oxygenating and disinfecting the water body. In poultry breeding, urea hydrogen peroxide is used for decontamination and oxygenation of fodder. This product may function as the maturing agent for fruits and vegetables.

Textile/Paper Industry and Others; Urea hydrogen peroxide is used to bleach cotton, wool, flax fiber and wood fiber. It is an softener, anlistatig and decoloring agent in processing polyacylamine. Urea hydrogen peroxide is also used in pulp and paper bleaching, and as improver of ore floatation.

Handling and Storage
Oxidizer. Store in a cool, well ventilated area away from all source of ignition and out of direct sunlight. Store in a dry location away from heat (15C~25C is recommended). 
Keep away from incompatible materials. Keep containers tightly closed. Do not store in unlabeled or mislabeled containers.
Protect from moisture. Do not store near combustible materials. Keep containers well sealed, seal only with original vent cap. Ensure pressure relief and adequate ventilation. 
Store separately from organics and reducing materials. Avoid contamination which may lead to decomposition.
Avoid contact with eyes, skin, and clothing. Use with adequate ventilation.
Do not swallow. Avoid breathing vapors, mists, or dust. Do not eat, drink, or smoke in work area. 
Prevent contact with combustible or organic materials.
Label containers and keep them tightly closed when not in use.
Wash thoroughly after handling.

First-aid Measures
Inhalation- Remove affected person to fresh air. Do not use mouth-to mouth resuscitation. Seek medical attention if effects persist.
Eye contact-Flush eyes with running water for at least 15 minutes with eyelids held open. Seek specialist advice.
Skin contact-Wash affected skin with soap and mild detergent and large amounts of water.
Ingestion- Remove from exposure to fresh air immediately. If breathing is difficult, give oxygen. Do not use mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. Seek medical service immediately.

Shipping Information
Proper Shipping Name: Urea Hydrogen Peroxide
UN Number: UN1511
Hazard Class: 5.1
Labels: 5.1 (Oxidizer)
Packing Group: III

Please read the MSDS for this chemical before using


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