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calcium peroxide, magnesium peroxide
News Welcome to Shangyu Jiehua Chemical, our sodium perborate is widely used for laundry and household manfucturing and formulated into multi-purpose stain remover/oxygen bleach, also the uncoated sodium percarbonate could be used for water treatment like fish farming/shrimp farming ponds. We also developed potassium monopersulfate, KMPS, Potassium Peroxymonosulfate for swimming pool spa and pool shock, which is known as oxygen shock commonlly. Both Sodium Percarbonate and Potassium Monopersulfate belong to chlorine free or non-chlorine product which is environmental friendly, belong to peroxygen salts derived from hydrogen peroxide. Calcium Peroxide and Magnesium Peroxide is used for aerobic bioremediation, oxygen release compound, our sythesis magnesium silicate adsorbent could be used for used cooking oil treatment and biodiesel dry wash, We are manufactuer of transparent Iron Oxide (pigment, dispersion), sodium hydrosulfite, 2,4-Dinitrotoluene, DNT Visit Press Room

Contract Packaging Services

Since our entry into this industry, we not only dedicate ourselves to supplying quality raw materials to the detergent manufacturers, but also help our customers to strengthen their competitiveness and reinforce their existence in the Chinese as well as the Asia-pacific detergent market by offering excellent packaging service. Shangyuchem has developed a wealth of expertise in the formulating and packaging of all kinds of detergents. These years of experience provide us with a unique knowledge of local-market-oriented detergents formulating and packaging for our clients.

As a contract formulating and packaging service provider, we spare no efforts to act as an extension of your own company. We provide the labor, equipment, location, and knowledge to create or assemble the very best package for your company's product. Our sophisticated, affordable blending and packing facility enables us to tailor our packaging service to suit your changing needs. Our quality and inventory control procedures operate at the standards and specification you specify when you enlist our services. Our efficient and experienced packaging service also provides a cost-effective way to help you strengthen your own company and products identity.

Wide range of formulating and packaging services offered to detergent manufacturers
1. Liquid and powder detergents filling & packing; Tablet Form making;
2. Hand assembly to highest standard of quality and precision;
3. A dedicated R&D department providing innovations & tailored solutions
4. Designing and purchasing cost-effective package materials e.g. Containers, bottles, bags, etc. ;
5. Sourcing best price raw material for clients;
6. Processing business by applying our products as well as your or your approved materials , along with your formulations (we'll strictly abide by the confidentiality) or ours;
8. Providing warehouse to store bulk cleaning chemicals;
9. Sales & Technical Service support for product development and problem solving.



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