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magnesium silicate, magnesol
Magnesium Silicate
News Synthetic Magnesium Silicate with amorphous structure is mainly used for these applications: 1) Prolong or refresh frying cooking oil; 2) Dry wash of biodiesel; 3) to remove alkali metal catalyst residues in production process of polyether polyols or like these for systhesis of organic compound Visit Press Room

Synthetic Magnesium Silicate Adsorbent is white fine powder, amorphous, with vesicular structure and huge specific area, it is an amphoteric Ambosol magnesium silicate compound capable of adsorbing either acid or alkali metal catalyst. It is an efficient refining and purifying agent in the production of Polyoxyalkylene ether polyols ( hereinafter for convenience called polyols) for its excellent depicking, deodorizing, potassium ion adsorbing effects and function as filter medium. Commerical product of magnesium silicate adsorbent is mainly designed for purifying polyols or similar sysnthesis of organic products.

Polyols, are commonly used in the production of urethane polymers. These polyols are reacted with polyisocyanate in the presence of added catalyst and other materials to produce urethane polymers which may be in the form of rubber-like elastomers, flexible or rigid foams and the like. In order that urethane polymers of desired properties and characteristics be produced, it is important that the polyols to be reacted with the polyisocyanate are essentially free of impurities which may function as undesirable catalysts or otherwise in the urethane polymer reaction.

It has been discovered that the process of catalyst removal from polyols can be improved by adding a critical amount of water (or add phosphoric acid to neutraliation firstly) 1.0 to 5.0 percent by weight based on the weight of polyol to the mixture of polyols, heating and filtration of caralyst residues (most of are KOH). or K+ ion and PO4 3- and water or its crysalline of K3PO4 can be moved by magnesium silicate adsorbent sufficiently.

With the cooking oil become more and more expensive, how to prolong the life of cooking oil maximum especially for frying cooking oil become a problem for the degraded cooking oil, A good dissolution is that free fat acid(FFA), ester (typically like mono- and di-triglyceride, oxidized triglycerides), aldehydes, ketones etc. are polar chemicals can be removed by filtering with magnesium silicate adsorbent very well.

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