Sodium percarbonate, oxygen bleach
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Ak-Kim is constructing first SODIUM PERCARBONATE plant of Turkey.

Ak-Kim having constructed the first Hydrogen Peroxide plant of Turkey, is proud to announce that it is also constructing the first SODIUM PERCARBONATE plant in Yalova facilities.sodium percarbonate

Investment activities will be completed on May 2005 and the plant is planned to have 40.000 ton/year capacity of sodium percarbonate. sodium percarbonate

Ak-Kim/Dinox are planning to provide sodium percarbonate to their customers on September 2005 after the commissioning, testing etc. works completed. For further information or in case of purchase request please be so kind and contact Dinox Handels GmbH.sodium percarbonate

Sodium Percarbonate is used as an auxiliary agent for bleaching in detergent industry.

Reference: Shangyu Jiehua Chemical Co., Ltd. (Dated on March 21,2007)

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