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Our Mission
Keep profitable growth, sustainable development.
Bear the full responsibility for our shareholders, employees, customers and the society.

Our Vision
To be a first-rated chemical raw material supplier.

Our Ambition
To be a China based chemical giant in the world.

Our Strategy
Specialize in peroxides to maintain a sustainable growth.

Business Conduct Philosophy
Human focused management; Constant creation and innovation; Persistence in honesty and integrity; Complete utilization of opportunities and chances 

Corporate Spirits
Tenacity of purpose; Down-to-earth style; Full participation; Constant pursuit for perfection.

Interpersonal Relationship & Work Style

Interpersonal Relationship - Equality, Trust, Appreciation, Intimacy

Equality: Respect yourself and believe in yourself. Recognize the dignity of the individual, respect and trust each other. Thereís no difference of gentle and simple job, but the difference of responsibility and type of work.
Trust: Make yourself to be reliable, trustworthy and faithful. Show your trust in others and encourage others to shoulder responsibility.
Appreciation: Set a high standard for yourself to exceed othersí expectation. Appreciate othersí achievement and excellency. Always treat others with admiration and presume everyone to be excellent.
Intimacy: Open yourself to others and let them know your trouble and needs. Place yourself in otherís position to recognize their feeling and identify their needs, let them know that youíre ready to help them.

Work Style - Earnestness, Strictness, Initiative, Efficiency & Effectiveness 
Earnestness: Pursue perfection and meticulosity, Keep an earnest and responsible mind while in work.
Strictness: Strictly discipline yourself, your colleague and the working procedure. Perform rigorous management as well as rewards and punishment.
Initiative: Voluntarily undertake assignment and responsibility. Be active to identify problems and then put them right. Ardently and regularly communicate with your colleagues.
Efficiency & Effectiveness: No-wait work style; Arrange assignment rationally, draw a schedule, define the primary and secondary. Strive for efficiency and effectiveness.

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