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Church & Dwight to Acquire Orange Glo International for $325 Million Brands Include OxiClean, Orange Glo and Kaboom Products

PRINCETON, N.J. -- Church & Dwight Co., Inc. (NYSE:CHD), makers of Arm & Hammer(R) products, today announced a definitive agreement to acquire Orange Glo International, Greenwood Village, CO. for $325 million in cash. The transaction, which is subject to regulatory and other customary approvals, is expected to close during the third quarter of 2006.

Orange Glo International's sales in the fiscal year ended January 1, 2006 were almost $200 million; two-thirds of those sales were from OxiClean(R), the premium-priced brand leader in the fast-growing laundry pre-wash additive category, with remaining sales from Kaboom(R) bathroom cleaner and Orange Glo(R) household cleaner products. oxiclean is also know as the high concentration of oxygen bleach (over than 60% of them consists of sodium percarbonate, and it is multi-purpose stain remover but mainly used for pre-wash and soaker)

Church & Dwight's 2005 sales of $1.7 billion included laundry and household cleaning products of $450 million. The Company's Arm & Hammer and Xtra(R) brands make it the number three participant in the $6 billion (at retail) laundry detergent market.

The Company noted that OxiClean is the number two brand in the $1.0 billion (at retail) laundry additives market, as well as being the leader in the pre-wash segment of that market. "OxiClean is a great complement to our Arm & Hammer and Xtra brands and provides access to one of the fastest growing parts of the laundry category--additives," James R. Craigie, Church & Dwight President and Chief Executive Officer, said. "OxiClean also brings to our company a franchise that has developed great consumer loyalty. This transaction is consistent with our growth strategy of strengthening our businesses by adding leading brands in areas of high growth potential," Craigie added.

Reference: Shangyu Jiehua Chemical Co.,Ltd (Dated on March 21,2007)

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